an introduction to Venture Rapid Technologies BV also known as VRT


With its inception in 1997,Venture Rapid Technologies BV(VRT)pioneered a Full Service Rapid Prototyping Centre in the Netherlands.Situated in Best(Eindhoven)we serve the whole Benelux and sometimes even beyond.

More than 15 years of experience has meant that we are known and have experience with all current rapid prototyping techniques.We therefore advise on which technology can best be used,even if we are not at home.

Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, Rapid Manufacturing, Fast Prototyping, cheap Prototypes, Next Day Delivery,Small series,Prompt Delivery times,3D printing,cheap models,functional models,visual models,… in short, everything that has to do with the cheap realize your design/idea is part of our service.

Techniques such as Stereolithography (SLA),selective laser sintering(SLS),3D printing, Vacuum Casting, Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Tooling are used by VRT to make your design/idea tangible and even produce small quantities.

Several industries are already using the VRT services including: medical,toys, household,industrial, construction, art, automotive and inventors.

Also your invention,we can design affordable,supervising and developing a sales model (s).

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